Monday, December 15, 2008

December Sun.

Sitting on a couch with beautiful December sun kissing the skin on my face I sit to Pen down. Utter silence in tune with the happenings around. At least in my head. A mild Calmness caressing my thoughts. Timely chirping of birds, as if they are telling me they are with me in this journey of self attainment. I am reminded, I am not alone.

Hammering of a door somewhere far, telling me the world is at my door, trying to awaken me, knowing naught they need to be. Naked trees bereft of their leaves reminding me of the harsh realities of life; they lie open complaining, and I tell them, I wish I was one amongst you, lying naked like a mad man in his own world; unmindful of the hammering at door for I tell them my door is open. The chronograph buzzes, my table clock tells me, even as I tell her, I am yet to reach there….