Tuesday, April 8, 2014

While driving back this evening.

You're driving back home from the gym; tired and sweating. The petrol meter is on its last slab. The drudgery of the day and an over-enthused trainer who pushed you, had drawn every ounce of your energy. You want to be home. Waiting to stretch your legs wide in the comfort. But here, there is a request for a song on FM. Some pestiferous bloke confabulating recklessly, perhaps over-awed by the supersensuous voice of the RJ. A sultry voice has no kin-ship to a pretty face. Don't let the voice fool you folks.

Anyway, the high on excitement guy requests for a song from movie Rockstar. Any song from it he adds. And you immediately wish for your song. Yes, your song [Here]. A song that plays an opera in your heart. Of memories and pangs. Of nights and days you lived and died one winter, till that summer came and you lied on a bed with a tear drop and desolate kisses.

Happiness lies in such moments. Strange are its ways and stranger its forms.