Friday, March 28, 2014

Magnolia of hearts

Magnolia sprigs in Pahalgam Kashmir.

If you should ask me where I've been
on all those days and nights when you missed me.

When you would cuddle under a blanket, on a lonely wet wintry night 
I was in its warmth..hugging you

When you lied on a porch facing your garden, 
on a mild summer evening
you were drowned in pain and sombre
the pangs ran deep and sorrow
I was listening to your heart...

When you walked a step and held back
looking for me in your drowsy eyes
In the late afternoon air that was  hot and sticky 
I held your hand and we walked a mile..

When people joyous in mirth laughed and sang
I played in the doleful of your quietness
Of your absence and my presence
I was your melancholy
I am your gloom.

When rain quenched the thirst of a withered earth
and the window of your room flanked in gusts of wind
I settled in your hand in a droplet of rain
just when you tried grasping some
I am your drought
I am your storm.

When you dressed up primp in the polka dot dress 
embellished and dandy
you smelled nice and stood firm
I was your mirror that you looked straight into
You are gorgeous- I told you so.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sahir Ludhianvi- Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayir Hon

Na main tumse koyee umeed rakhoon dil nawazee ki
Na tum meri taraf dekho galat-andaz nazron mein
Na zahir ho tumharei kashmkash ka raaz nazron se
Na mere dil ki dhadkan ladkhadaye meri baatoon mein

Tarruf rog ho jaye toh usko bhulna behtar
Talluk bojh ban jaye toh usko todna achchha
Woh afsana jise anjam tak lana naa ho mumkin
Usey ek khubsurat mod dekar chhodna achchha
Chalo ik bar phir se ajnabi ban jaye hum do


Tum Mujhe Bhool Bhi Jaao To Yeh Haq Hai Tumko
Meri Baat Aur Hai Maine To Mohabbat Ki Hai
Mere Dil Ki Mere Jazbaat Ki Keemat Kya Hai?
Uljhe Uljhe Se Khayalaat Ki Keemat Kya Hai?
Maine Kyon Pyar Kiya, tumne na Kyon Pyaar Kiya?
In Pareshan Savalat Ki Keemat Kya Hai?
Tum Jo Yeh Bhi Na Bataao To Yeh Haq Hai Tumko
Meri Baat Aur Hain, Maine Toh Mohabbat Ki Hai.


Hoo bahoo kheinchega lekin, ishq ki tasveer kaun?

Uth gaya nawak fagan, marega dil par teer kaun?


Umr ka rishta jodney wale

Apni nazar mein deewane hain


Aurat ne janam diya mardon ko, mardon ne use baazaar diya
Jab ji chaahaa kuchalaa masalaa, jab ji chaahaa dutkaar diya

Tulati hai kahin dinaaron mein, bikati hai kahin baazaaron mein
Nangi nachavaai jaati hai, ayyaashon ke darabaaron mein
          Ye woh beizzat chiz hai jo, bant jaati hai izzatadaaron mein.......
Jin hothon ne inko pyaar kiyaa, un hothon kaa vyaapaar kiya
Jis kokh mein inakaa jism dhalaa, us kokh kaa kaarobaar kiya
Jis tan se uggey kopal ban kar, us tann ko zalil-o-khwaar kiya..
Sansaar ki har ek besharmi, gurbat ki god mein palati hai
Chakalon mein hi aa ke rukati hai, faakon mein jo raah nikalati hai

Mardon ki havas hai jo aksar, aurat ke paap mein dhalati hai


Suna Hai Har Javaan Patthar Ke Dil Mein Aag Hoti Hai 
Magar Jab Tak Na Chhedo, Sharm Ke Parde Mein Soti Hai 
Ye Socha Hai Ki Dil Ki Baat Usske Roobaroo Keh De 
Nateeja Kuch Bhi Nikale Aaj Apni Aarazu Keh De 
Har Ek Bejaan Taqalluf Se Bagaavat Ka Iraada Hai 
Kisi Patthar Ki Muurat Se Mohabbat Ka Irada Hai

Parashtish Ki Tamana Hain, Ibaadat Ka Iraada Hai.


Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shaayar Hon, Pal Do Pal Meri Kahaani Hai
 Pal Do Pal Meri Hasti Hai, Pal Do Pal Meri Jawaani Hai.


Kisliye jite hain hum, kis ke liye jeete hain?
Baarha aise sawaalat pe rona aaya 
Kaun rota hai kisi aur ki khaatir aye dost?
Sabko apni hi kissi baat pe rona aaya

Kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe rona aaya 
baat nikli toh har ek baat pe rona aaya

Saturday, March 1, 2014


'Overwhelmed' was my state when curtains came down on Imtiyaz Ali's latest flick 'Highway'. A story that is seemingly not easy as a parody on the screen; writing a script is one thing, turning it into cinema is something different. Imtiyaz Ali did both: brilliantly. 

Essentially, about a rich girl and a poor guy with paradoxically different upbringing, yet similar in what they feel about things around them. Traumatized, fearful and up for grabs. A personality that remains ambiguous, clouded and vulnerable. An unflinching urge to break free; from all norms; from orderliness; from customs; from everything that we call a system. 

The movie at many levels fringes on sufi mysticism. Of following your heart, in which your redemption lies. When Veera is abducted by Bhatti- there is sufi folk song playing in the background- 'Go away run, he is your beloved. Redeem yourself.' [Here] Technically I found the movie top notch. With long pauses, the viewer is made to seep into the scene, to make an effort to travel into the hazy world of two molested souls. And, of course, the icing on the cake were last few scenes shot in Kashmir. Crisp Lidder air seemed to be healing- two souls in the story, and one drowned in his seat- overwhelmed.